Adding Elements to Your Brand

Adding Elements to Your Brand

Adding Elements to Your BrandDid you ever consider shape as a brand element?

Coke did.

One hundred years ago, Coca-Cola had a uniquely shaped bottle designed for their product. They knew that the bottle’s curves would differentiate their brand from all the new soda pops that were finding their way to market.

A century later, it’s probably fair to say that most of humanity recognizes the shape of the Coke bottle.

The Volkswagen Beetle, Airstream trailers, Mickey Mouse ears – each also easily recognized by its shape.

Whenever you can add another element – or layer – to your brand identity, you give consumers something else to hold on to, and you increase the likelihood that they’ll remember your product or environment.

A signature scent is a powerful brand element that stays with people long after they experience it.

Say you’re shopping for a new bank, or you walk into a few tire stores to compare prices. All other factors being equal, you’re more likely to recall your time in the location with the pleasing, unique aroma. And when you encounter that scent again – through a direct mail piece or a promotional product – your positive memories of that on-site experience will come flooding back.

Just like a uniquely shaped bottle did for Coca Cola, a signature scent will make your product or brand more memorable. And in today’s crowded marketplace, that’s very valuable.

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