What Is Environmental Design?

When implemented strategically, Environmental Design can provide an elevated visitor experience that reflects your brand. Keep reading to learn the purpose of Environmental Design, plus key elements.

The Purpose of Environmental Design

It’s so much more than making sure your business looks nice.

Environmental Design is the art of incorporating the intangible elements of your brand into your physical space.

A thoughtfully designed and branded environment makes positive, memorable impressions on your visitors, enticing them to come back for more.

Factors to Consider in Your Environmental Design

1. The Purpose of Your Space

What are people doing when visiting your business?

Are they shopping? Eating? Meeting with your team or waiting for service?

Are they visiting family? Are they staying overnight?

The purpose of your space can help you define your Environmental Design.

2. Brand Promise and Company Personality

What does your brand promise to customers? And how would you define your company’s personality?

A strong Environmental Design allows you to create a physical representation of that promise and personality.

3. Corporate Color Palette

Your logo colors are important, but they’re just one part of the equation. Your corporate color palette should also include shades that complement your logo colors. Your palette will guide many decisions when developing your Environmental Design.

Key Elements in Environmental Design

Once you’ve clearly defined the purpose of your space, your company personality and your corporate colors, you can make strategic decisions about specific elements.

  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Wallpaper or paint color
  • Light fixtures
  • Doors and windows
  • Acoustics
  • Traffic flow

At SensoryMax, we’ll work with you to create a strategic, on-brand Environmental Design that elevates your visitors’ experience and encourages them to come back.

We may even recommend incorporating other Sensory Marketing elements to complete your immersive brand experience, such as Scent Marketing, Audio Marketing and Video and Digital Signage.

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About the Writer

Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since late 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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