The NEW AuraPura® Scent Delivery system is a unique way to build client engagement, drive return visits, reinforce an excellent experience, and increase sales.

It attaches to the pleats of the in-cabin air filter and delivers a consistent, subtle scent to the vehicle’s interior for up to 90 days, unlike most vehicle scents that start too strong and quickly fade.

  • Quick, simple, profitable add-on sales opportunity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides a lasting scent without unsightly, potentially damaging additions to a vehicle’s interior.
  • The exclusive Essence of Lincoln scent for Lincoln Dealerships features a sophisticated blend of green tea, jasmine, orange flower, Tonka bean, and other fragrances.

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AuraPura-deviceAuraPura® Installation

  1. Locate the In-Cabin Air Filter for your vehicle. The location can typically be found in the user manual.
  2. Remove your filter, or you may use a new one, if needed.
  3. The AuraPura device will clip to the pleats of the filter and should be attached to the outtake side of the air flow as illustrated.
  4. (Re)insert the filter into the housing of your vehicle.

The AuraPura® device will scent your vehicle for up to 90 days with a consistent, subtle scent. To activate the scent device, you must have the fan on with outside air, typically identified as A/C. Using the “Recirculate” setting of your heat/air conditioning unit will not provide the air flow needed for the device to scent your vehicle.

*To activate the AuraPura™ scent delivery system, you must have the fan on with outside air. Using the “recirculate” setting will not provide the airflow necessary for the device to scent the vehicle.


AuraPura® Storage

Store in a cool, dry, climate controlled space. Keep away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. The AuraPura® scent delivery system has a one-year shelf life when stored properly.

“The people that we have tested this with, love it. I believe this should be part of the new car prep package. It should be included in every vehicle that leaves the showroom. Clients will return every three months or so to have their AuraPura replaced.”

Steve Kesler
Service Director of Fixed Operations, Lincoln of Columbus

“While every sense plays a part in forming a client’s perception of an experience, scent has one of the strongest connections to not only memory, but emotion. Essence of Lincoln is a subtle, yet powerful tool for our dealers to use to help clients make an emotional connection to their store and the Lincoln brand.”

Dennis Carnevale
Lincoln Experience Training Manager

“As we transform our dealer network to provide a higher level of client experience, we look for ways to engage the senses of every visitor. The Essence of Lincoln scent is an extension of that initiative.”

Ensa Sleva
Lincoln Client Experience Manager

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