Creating a Deeper Brand Connection with Sensory Marketing

You might already have a strong online presence. Good website. Engaging social media posts. Effective videos. PPC ads that convert. The whole shebang.

But does your physical location reflect your company’s online personality? Are you delivering on your brand promise?

Consider this hypothetical: You take your first bite of a gorgeous meal only to discover the food has no flavor. The chef forgot to add spices.

Sure, you can still finish your dinner, but it won’t be as memorable as it might have been had the food been properly seasoned.

Sensory marketing is like those missing spices. It adds layers of interest and flavor to your brand. And it can bridge the gap between your delicious online presence and your bland onsite experience.

That consistency helps your customers feel a deeper connection with your brand.

Consider these opportunities.

When customers walk in, are they met by a visually sparse and uninspiring space? If so, use video to create an energy that reinforces your online brand.

Is the music in your location consistent with what your website visitors would expect to hear? If your online brand is edgy and modern but you’re playing folk music in your store, you may be creating a disconnect for visitors. Use a music genre that supports your online brand.

And don’t forget to appeal to the least targeted sense – scent. Aroma is a brand layer that most marketers never consider, but it’s unavoidable and a powerful memory trigger that helps people recall their experiences with your brand.

By adding sensory marketing to your efforts, you’ll encourage customers to enjoy a deeper connection with your brand.

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