Don’t Give Your Competitors a Foothold

An argument for video marketingI made a rare trip to my neighborhood bank today to inquire about a small loan.

While waiting for my contact, I began watching the TV in the bank’s lobby. Within a few seconds, I saw a commercial for Lenny – the company’s Muppet-ish mascot on the right – reminded me that “when banks compete, you win.”

For a moment, I considered walking out the door to take care of my loan online. But then my contact showed up and we began chatting.

The question is this: Why let your competitors make a single impression on your turf, let alone allow their 30-second TV commercials to run in front of your customers?

When you take tighter control of your retail environment, you can:

• Use the space to reinforce your brand promises
• Target more specific messaging at on-site customers who may be in a different stage of the buying cycle
• Make sure competing messages stay out of sight and out of mind

With our on-site video marketing services you can meet all of those goals. Call 419/473-9000 to get the conversation started.

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