Effectively Using Background Music and Audio Marketing

There’s no denying the value of background music in the workplace. It fills the silence, can mask undesirable sounds and creates a more welcoming environment.

Music is also strongly tied to memories. So, if visitors relate to your musical genres or specific playlist, they’re more likely to remember their experience with your business. (Click here to see real-life examples of how music affects memories.)

You also have another tool to elevate the customer and employee experience – Audio Marketing. It’s a service that allows you to share messages and reinforce your brand with your in-house audience.

Effective Background Music and Messaging Content

Consider the people in your location. Are they primarily customers? How long are they typically there? Are there more men or women? Do certain age groups tend to visit at certain times? And don’t forget about your employees and other categories of visitors.

Most background music and Audio Marketing systems allow for “dayparting,” which offers flexibility in your content scheduling. That means you can present different types of music and messaging based on the demographics of the people in your building at any time.

For instance, if older customers tend to shop at your business in the morning, you can target their preferences by playing music that tends to appeal to their generation.

Many systems can also allow for “zoning,” which means you can play specific messages in certain areas of your location. For example, you may want a welcome message to play at the front door and a product-specific message to play in the aisles.

Audio Marketing Inspiration for Various Environments

It can be easy to think of Audio Marketing as “only for grocery stores,” but it can be applied in many other businesses. Here are different types of content that may be valuable for various industries.

Healthcare: Hospitals, Senior Communities, Private Practices

  • Health tips
  • Upcoming activities
  • Cafeteria specials
  • Welcome messages for new physicians and nurses
  • Answers to questions about insurance and admissions
  • Trivia about team members, residents and the organization

Public Transportation: Terminals, Vehicles

  • News about apps and website resources
  • City history and landmarks along the route
  • Reminders to have tickets and passes ready
  • Suggestions about being a respectful rider
  • Tips on handling larger objects (suitcases, scooters, bikes, etc.)

Retail: Clothing Stores, Automotive Repair Shops

  • Current specials
  • Information about your products and services
  • Complementary products
  • Return policies
  • Invitations to follow your social pages
  • Career opportunities

Office Spaces: Financial Institutions, Consulting Agencies

  • Visitor welcome messages
  • Reinforcement of your core values
  • Notifications about new website features
  • Fitness tips
  • Company and employee trivia
  • Reminders about employee programs
  • Details on partner resources

Entertainment: Museums, Amusement Parks

  • Fun historical facts
  • Ride and exhibit information
  • Best practices for navigating the property
  • Restaurant specials
  • Event updates
  • Details on activities for specific age groups

Education: High Schools, Colleges

  • Reminders about games and events
  • School spirit messages
  • Cafeteria specials
  • Tips for studying and taking tests
  • News of extracurricular opportunities
  • Invitations to join clubs and teams

When you’re ready to strategize on how to use Audio Marketing and/or background music in your location, reach out to us.

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