Is Your Competitor Doing It Better?

When’s the last time you walked into a competitor’s business?

Feel like a herd of slugs just rolled through your belly?

Yeah, we get it.

Visiting a rival company may not be your idea of a riotous good time, but that simple exercise could help you improve the customer experience your company provides.

If you’re up for the challenge, walk through a competitor’s location.

Then, take note of everything you experience. Use all your senses. What do you see? Pause and listen to the sounds. Close your eyes and inhale – what can you smell? Are there interesting textures that encourage you to touch?

Did their signs and lobby video catch your good eye?

What about the scent? Was it unique? Did it help you conjure up images of your best life? And if you smelled it again would it remind you of your competitor?

Did their music energize you? Did it comfort you?

Now, take the same type of tour of your business, as objectively as you can.

By making an honest comparison, you’ll see what your competitor may be doing that’s better or more memorable. Use that insight to elevate your own branded experience and encourage customers to come back for more.

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