Essence of Lincoln

Why You Need Lincoln’s Aroma Marketing

It’s a crowded, noisy marketplace, and it’s getting more difficult to get noticed, especially if you’re relying only on the same marketing tools every other car dealer uses.

Creating and consistently executing a memorable brand experience is more important than ever before. More and more companies are competing for your consumer’s dollar, so differentiating what you sell has never been more crucial to your long-term success.

Aroma Marketing is a powerful tool that successful brand managers across the globe are using to elevate their brand and create sensory experiences that resonate long after a consumer’s initial impression.

Capitalize on the Emotional Aspects of Buying a Car

You know that, so often, people buy new cars with their hearts more than their brains. Aroma Marketing appeals to the emotional side of your customers, reinforcing all that they know and believe about your brand promise.

When it comes to selling, smell is the strongest of the five human senses for a number of reasons:

  1. Scents are unavoidable. The nose doesn’t filter information as the eyes and ears can.
  2. Scents lodge in our subconscious and are “attached” to memories of the place, product or emotions we were experiencing when we smelled them.
  3. A unique scent can be created to not only support, but strengthen your brand’s visual elements.
  4. Scents can contribute to a very pleasant atmosphere that encourages car shoppers to linger in your showroom.

Aroma Marketing is Already Working For You

While still under-utilized, Aroma Marketing is not new to the automotive industry. Everyone knows the phrase “that new car smell” and understands its real-world value. It’s part of our culture’s collective awareness. And, as you know, most new car smells are manufactured, not naturally occurring.

The Importance of Aroma Marketing

Our senses play a vital role in forming our thoughts, impressions and behaviors. Yet, smell is the only sense connected to the brain’s limbic system, which creates emotions and memories. And studies show that about 75% of our daily emotions are connected to scents.

You always want to make your brands more memorable, yet most advertising still employs a two-dimensional approach, appealing only to the eyes and ears. Sensory branding with Aroma Marketing adds a third target: the nose. Humans are most receptive – and most likely to form, retain, revisit and reinterpret memory – when all five senses are engaged during the initial impression. By incorporating the customized Lincoln scent with your visual and audible marketing, you can establish a stronger, longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers.

Created Just For Lincoln

Drawing on research and more than 40 years of sensory marketing experience, SensoryMax and our partners have created the “Essence of Lincoln” signature scent to connect potential buyers even more strongly to Lincoln’s brand personality. It’s a scent that evokes feelings of belonging to an exclusive, forward-thinking group that values style and success.

Implementing Aroma Marketing and the “Essence of Lincoln” signature scent will create a stronger, more memorable customer experience and help your dealership stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

The Essence of Lincoln Scent

Created to appeal to both men and women between 37 and 50 years old, the “Essence of Lincoln” scent is an exotic blend of green tea leaves, infused with bergamot, white jasmine and orange flower. It’s a scent that connotes a fresh, high-end impression and a heightened sense of style.

Lincoln Raindrop

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SensoryMax is the approved provider of Aroma Marketing for Lincoln. The “Essence of Lincoln” signature scent is approved for use with the newly designed interiors created by Fordland Design Center.