Lincoln Motor Company Partners with SensoryMax

Essence of LincolnYou know that a brand can have a look, a feel, and even a sound. Yet you may have never considered that it can be linked to a specific scent.

But the Lincoln Motor Company does.

“Lincoln gets it,” said Michael Seay, Director of SensoryMax. We worked with our expert partners to create the signature scent for the automaker. It’s called Essence of Lincoln.

“Lincoln understands the unique power of Aroma Marketing,” said Seay. “They see its strength as a legitimate brand element; that it helps people form deeper connections and more memorable experiences with Lincoln.”

And the team at Lincoln agrees.

Dennis Carnevale, Lincoln’s experience training manager, called the scent “a subtle, yet powerful tool for our dealers to use to help clients make an emotional connection to their store and the Lincoln brand.”

Lincoln’s August 2014 press release explains that the scent “exudes luxury and warmth” and was “designed to create an upscale, relaxing showroom experience.”

The press release also mentions a Pompano Beach, Florida dealership that has been using the Essence of Lincoln scent throughout its showroom for nearly a year. Customer response has been very positive.

“We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it, both from customers and employees,” said Tony Guerrera, general sales manager of Pompano Ford Lincoln. “It’s a great scent. They really did an excellent job creating it.”

“The marketplace is so competitive and there are so many more touch points these days,” said Seay. “Aroma Marketing allows brands to form unique impressions on a different level of consumer awareness. And they’re impressions that last.”

To discuss how Aroma Marketing can strengthen your brand image and help you meet other marketing goals, email Michael Seay or call 419/724-7374.


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