Scent Marketer of the Year

scentworldWe’re honored to have been chosen as the 2014 Harold Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year. The award was given during ScentWorld in New York City, the country’s premiere event on Aroma Marketing.

One of the reasons for our win was our work with the Lincoln Motor Company and our development of “Essence of Lincoln.” That’s the signature scent that Lincoln has incorporated into its re-branding. It’s diffused throughout select Lincoln Motor Company dealerships.

“Essence of Lincoln” was created by Rene Morganthaler, an internationally known perfumer who has been responsible for many high-profile scents, including Diamonds for Elizabeth Taylor.

In addition to scenting the dealerships, SensoryMax has also worked with Lincoln to develop branded cards that include the scent. The cards are given out after service appointments at participating dealerships.

Thank you to all of our clients and colleagues who made this award possible.

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