Watch the Emotions of Aroma

In case you doubt that aroma can have a dramatic effect on people, take a look at the video below.

Spoiler alert

About 43 seconds in, the woman – Jessica – sees a stuffed teddy bear in the box. According to the “About” section below the video, the toy has been hers since the day she was born, but she doesn’t recognize it at first. That’s because the bear was in pretty sad shape the last time she saw it. He was missing both eyes, an ear, the nose and a lot of his stuffing. Even the head had been separated from the body.

Jessica’s fiancé had the bear repaired for her as a Christmas surprise.

At 45 seconds into the video, Jessica holds the bear to her face. Almost instantly, the familiar smell of this toy she no longer knew from sight overwhelms her.

“I smelled him and I knew exactly what it was. Oh, my God. It’s Whitey,” she cries.

It’s a touching reminder of the powerful role our sense of smell plays in our lives.

Aromas can transport people back to times and places and emotions they haven’t experienced in decades. They can be used to help people recall positive touch points. And they can be applied to your products and physical spaces to make an indelible impression on customers – one that strengthens and completes your brand image. Ask us how.

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