What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

Scenting your BrandThat’s the question SensoryMax Director Michael Seay asks in his article for Abec’s Small Business Review.

The idea of using a scent to brand your product or company may seem odd, but it’s a concept that’s really catching on for one basic reason: it works. In his article, Michael gives you some good examples of how various businesses are using certain aromas to elicit specific responses.

Your sense of smell is actually one of your most powerful senses, and the impressions that aromas create in your brain literally can last a lifetime. When you factor in that scents are often unavoidable unlike many audible and visual stimuli, you have three very strong reasons to consider Scent Marketing as a tool to differentiate your brand.

Read Michael’s article here. If you’d like more details, visit the Aroma Marketing section of our website, or give us a call: 866/473-9000.

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