You Won’t Believe What the Nose Knows

Aroma MarketingWhen you think of marketing, you may think of magazine and banner ads, TV spots and websites. All are very important, but they’re primarily visual expressions of your brand identity.

More than ever, it’s important to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Even a subconscious level.

Until recently, it was thought that human beings could detect the differences between 10,000 unique smells.

Pretty good, right?

Well, that number may be off by a bit. New research suggests that we can distinguish more than one trillion smells.

Yep. One trillion, as in the number one and a dozen zeroes.

That means that your consumers’ noses are more sensitive – and more engaged in the buying process – than you may have ever imagined.

And yes, that amazing power is enhanced by the olfactory sense’s close ties to memory and emotion.

Starting to smell that winning combination? It’s your brand + its own signature scent.

Our expert perfumers get to know the elements of your brand identity, and then create a scent that complements or accentuates those elements. When we diffuse that unique aroma in your store or showroom, and then apply it to packaging or promotional products, you’ll connect with your audience beyond visual impact and memory.

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