How Companies Are Using LobbyVision

Wish you could engage your visitors as soon as they enter your location?

LobbyVision can help with that, informing and entertaining customers with your branded content.

Here’s a breakdown of how SensoryMax clients are using various LobbyVision programs.

1. Branded TV


Branded TV is a full-screen presentation of custom videos and graphics on a private network.

Toledo Clinic uses it to share video interviews of physicians and providers. They also use their program to promote services, health topics, non-profit partners, new clinic members and upcoming events.

Kendra Doriot, Director of Marketing and Communications, said, “Because it’s all unique content, patients are more engaged. They recognize the doctors and staff and find value in the topics being addressed. [Toledo Clinic TV] decreases perceived wait times, eases appointment anxiety and shares important health-related information while the viewers are thinking about their health. It also helps create a connection with our staff, which, in turn, builds stronger, more trusting relationships.”

At SensoryMax, we concept, create, schedule and publish the Toledo Clinic TV content. They also share the content we create at events and on their website and social channels.

2. Hybrid LobbyVision


The ParkerStore LobbyVision program includes custom content that interrupts live television, similar to a standard commercial break.

ParkerStore has a three-zone screen format featuring video, banner ads and scrolling text that informs customers as they shop for parts or wait for custom products to be made. LobbyVision is seen at 54 locations in 16 states and one Canadian province.

The video zone includes marketing videos that run between 20-minute segments of live TV. The banner ad zone features a continuous rotation of messages about products and services. And the text zone uses scrolling messaging to promote products, services and location-specific promotions.

For ParkerStore’s program, we blend client-provided content with custom content that we create for them.

3. Self-Managed LobbyVision


With a Self-Managed Program, your team schedules and publishes the content.

Louisville Title uses LobbyVision to entertain clients who are waiting to close on real estate transactions.

They prefer to produce their own content for a three-zone screen format, using videos and banners to promote agency services and scrolling text that welcomes the clients coming in that day.

At SensoryMax, we’ll train your team on how to use the equipment and provide equipment support. We can also create your custom content.

Want your own private TV network with completely branded content, a hybrid program with live TV or a self-managed program that you control? We’re ready to discuss all the options. Reach out to our customer experience experts today.