Audio Marketing

What does your brand sound like?

A lack of music in just about any retail or hospitality setting is often palpable and uncomfortable. It's also a wasted opportunity.

The right in-store music adds a positive energy to any environment - for visitors and employees. It also contributes to a more enjoyable consumer experience, which can lead to repeat visits.

And using distinctive styles of music allows you to craft a more memorable brand identity.

In short, in-store audio is good for business.

Put the persuasive power of the human voice to work in your environment.

We combine targeted copy and voiceover to create audio messages that speak to your marketing goals.

Direct shopper traffic. Promote specific items. Reinforce your brand identity. Remind customers of your unique value. Our Point-Of-Purchase Audio Marketing is designed to drive the specific behaviors that are important to you.

What are my options?

Major Label Music

The popular music of today and the last few decades.


Private Label Music

Major label production quality from new or lesser-known artists.

Ambient Music

Typically more subtle sounds that blend into the background.


Audio Marketing Messages

Voiceover content that can play in-between your in-store music. A custom service that's flexible and effective.

We can also develop in-store music playlists for you that are customized down to the song - not just a genre - based on your brand identity and your audience. It's attention to detail you won't find elsewhere.

Implement My Audio Marketing

Our experts will take care of everything, from an initial site survey, to the installation of all equipment, to the delivery of your in-store music and/or P-O-P Audio Marketing via the no-touch digital system.

Service? Support? Absolutely. We're just an email or phone call away: +1 800.473.9004

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