Scent Marketing Agency

Make Your Brand Memorable with Scent

Most people are exposed to thousands of visual messages each week. That’s one of the reasons Scent Marketing is so effective. It engages a sense other than vision to cut through the noise and connect with visitors on a deeper level. It complements, intensifies and reinforces your brand’s personality, creating a richer experience for your audience.

The customized or signature scent we develop for you will become as much a part of your brand identity as your logo or corporate color palette.

But because it appeals to an entirely different part of the brain, the scent will serve as a unique characteristic that makes your brand more memorable.

When you successfully connect with your audience via their sense of smell, you’ll provide a brand experience that they’ll always remember.

Discover Your Brand Scent

At SensoryMax, we offer two types of aroma: customized and signature.

Our customized scents are developed with multiple notes that we’ll combine for your brand. Signature scents are hand-crafted aromas built from scratch by our experts.

Before developing your signature scent, we’ll take a deep dive into your company’s brand to learn everything we can. Then, we’ll create a scent that reinforces your brand image.

And since we deliver your scent via your HVAC system, you’ll enjoy a consistent aroma throughout each of your locations.

When you’re ready to create more memorable brand experiences, send us an email.

“As we transform our dealer network to provide a higher level of client experience, we look for ways to engage the senses of every visitor. The Essence of Lincoln scent is an extension of that initiative. We applaud SensoryMax for this recent honor and thank them for helping shape the future of the Lincoln showroom experience.”

Enza Sleva, Client Experience Manager Lincoln Motor Company

“Including scent marketing as one of the first steps in our brand revitalization process has allowed us to have stronger emotional connections with our customers, increase brand recognition and get customers to stay longer, which potentially increases sales. The implementation of specific and strategic marketing tactics, combined with elements of scent branding, will help us create a strong branding program through a memorable atmosphere.”

Pamela Frank, Vice President Ocean Bank / Miami, Florida

“We have been very pleased with our scent marketing. Numerous customers have commented in written reviews how the smell of our stores has enhanced their vehicle repair experience. One customer even wrote how ‘shocked’ they were by ‘how good it smelled!’ We are always looking for unique ways to deliver on our promise of an exceptional auto repair experience and scent marketing has proved to be one of those avenues.”

Julie Boncarosky Holmes Virginia Tire & Auto