SensoryMax Nominated for Top Aroma Marketing Award

ScentWorldSensoryMax has been nominated for Scent Marketer of the Year.

Presented by the Scent Marketing Institute, the award honors the company that has done the most to promote the Scent Marketing industry throughout the past year. The winner will be announced June 13, 2014 during the ScentWorld 2014 conference in New York City.

We earned the nomination for the multi-sensory and aroma marketing programs we developed for Lincoln Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Virginia Tire & Auto, and Ocean Bank.

Director of SensoryMax Michael Seay believes our unique take on scent contributed to the nomination.

“We approach Aroma Marketing differently than most others in our industry,” said Seay. “A signature scent is a powerful marketing tool. It’s an essential element of a complete brand experience. I think it’s that unique approach that the Scent Marketing Institute appreciated.”

The scent that SensoryMax developed for Lincoln, for instance, highlights the brand’s attributes and deepens the customer experience at the dealership level. And because the sense of smell is so closely tied to memory, the scent reinforces Lincoln’s brand identity each time a consumer encounters it. That makes a signature scent every bit as powerful as a logo.

Aroma also elevates the customer experience. That’s especially true at Virginia Tire & Auto. The company implemented SensoryMax’s Aroma Marketing as part of its recent re-branding efforts, and customers are noticing. Several have even left positive comments on the aroma in Yelp reviews.

But we don’t focus solely on a brand’s scent. We develop comprehensive Sensory Marketing programs.

SensoryMax uses audio, video, aroma and tactile strategies to stimulate and appeal to the senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch. The goal is to create unique, memorable branded impressions that encourage specific consumer behavior.

A few examples: lighting and video can be used to affect how people move through a retail space; background music will influence the mood, energy and pacing in a restaurant; and aroma can create a more pleasant shopping experience at a car dealership, while anchoring those moments in the customer’s memory – often for many years!

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