What’s Your Post-COVID Reopening Strategy?

As the country continues to reopen, you may be noticing increased foot traffic. And with customers walking through your doors, it’s important to consider what they experience.

Do they feel welcomed? Engaged? Safe?

Are they uniquely energized and inspired simply by being in your shop? Do they feel comfortable and relaxed in your bookstore, spa or restaurant? What are you doing to encourage them to come back and tell others about your business?

How are you ensuring that the investment people make to visit your business – the driving, the parking, the walking and the time – is worth it for them? What are you doing to keep them from reverting to online shopping or, worse yet, giving their money and positive reviews to your competitor?

Look over these three elements of the onsite experience and think of how you might improve your execution of them.

Your Team

How long has it been since you reviewed the basics of customer service with your staff? You may be trying to win back buyers and re-establish their loyalty these days, so are your expectations of employees higher now?

Just like shoppers, your team may be a little rusty with face-to-face conversations, so their skills may have declined. Re-training your frontline staff can help them provide great experiences that reflect well on your brand and encourage return visits and positive word of mouth.

Electronic Touchpoints

From entry to exit, which types of electronic touchpoints do your customers encounter? Are there touchscreens, kiosks, self-checkout terminals or price scanners? Can shoppers tap to pay? Are emailed receipts an option? Most importantly, does everything work? Are the devices all intuitive? And are they cleaned regularly throughout the day?

Technology can add convenience and efficiency, but it can also leave customers longing for more human interaction. If you offer online shopping, consider making your in-store experience as personal, friendly, memorable and emotionally fulfilling as possible.

Company Vibe

What mood are you setting in your location?

Think of the five senses: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Which of those can you stimulate to engage your customers?

Can you display branded videos to excite, educate and entertain? Could you play music targeted specifically at your most important demographic so shoppers want to stay longer? What if visitors were met with your brand’s own signature scent as they walked through your store?

Fully engaging the senses is a powerful tactic for connecting with customers and helping them to remember your brand fondly.

When you’re ready to analyze and elevate your brand experience, let us know.

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