Why SensoryMax

Award-winning creativity. Decades of practical experience. A passion for differentiating brands.

Just a few of the advantages that make SensoryMax a valued partner.

We also have easy access to the entire MadAveGroup team. Strategic thinkers. Writers. Designers. Audio engineers. Video directors. Editors. Voice talent. All in house.

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Michael L. Seay
Director, SensoryMax & design2influence

Michael brings an innate understanding of branding to his work. That awareness allows him to identify a brand’s strengths and then recommend the elements that accentuate those strengths. Michael is outgoing, energetic, and dedicated to building strong relationships. Under his leadership, SensoryMax was named Scent Marketer of the Year in 2014.

Jerry Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Many years ago, Jerry understood the power of scent as a branding element. In 2012, his creative vision and commitment to serving clients came together to form SensoryMax. Today, the agency develops audio, video and aroma marketing tools to meet consumers where they interact with our clients. A recipient of the American Advertising Federation / Toledo Chapter’s Silver Medal Award, Jerry is a consistently positive force around our offices, with clients, and in the community.

Scott Greggory
Chief Creative Officer

As our Chief Creative Officer, Scott brings a passion for design, copywriting, and audio and video production to SensoryMax programs. He especially enjoys working with words to communicate ideas or feelings as efficiently as possible. Scott’s writing, voiceoever and production have been recognized with more than 100 local, regional and national awards.

Valerie Likens
Executive VP of Fulfillment

Val is one of the foundational personalities of our agency. Her steady presence and commitment to fulfillment ensure that we deliver what we promise on time. She also works closely with our ambient music provider to create custom playlists and oversee the installation process.

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