5 Benefits of Audio Marketing You May Have Never Considered

Audio Marketing is a strategic combination of point-of-purchase audio and distinct music that’s chosen to resonate with your audience. It provides many benefits, including these you may have not considered.

1. Audio Marketing Reinforces Your Brand Personality

Unique, targeted messaging and curated music playlists add a distinct layer to your brand and can be used to create a specific attitude in your physical spaces. That contributes to more enjoyable, memorable experiences for your customers.

Did you ever hear an actor or director say that the city in which they shot their movie served as “another character” in the film? The setting can shape the personality of a movie and even affect your mood as a viewer. The music and messaging in your company’s stores and offices can produce the same effect, immediately differentiating and strengthening the on-site experience you provide.

Audio Marketing can also influence how your staff performs. If your employees are immersed in an environment that’s reflective of your brand, they’re more likely to embody your brand standards. And that can affect how they interact with customers.

2. Targeted Messaging Can Be Used to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Some Audio Marketing equipment supports zoning, which allows you to choose specific areas in your location where certain messages are heard. Own a clothing store? You could promote dress shoes in the men’s suits section or jewelry only in the women’s dress department.

You can also use messaging to up-sell. For instance, you might promote accessories, warranties and the long-term value and benefits of your higher-margin products.

3. You Can Explore Co-Op Opportunities

Partners and vendors may be willing to pay you to promote their brands via your Audio Marketing.

You could also work with those companies to create and promote combined special offers. That’s a great way to increase sales for both parties.

4. Customers May Want to Stay Longer

Have you ever sat in your car for a few minutes after reaching your destination just so you could finish listening to a favorite song?

The music in your locations can produce the same response in your customers, encouraging them to stay longer and, perhaps, buy more. That’s why it’s important to design a playlist that appeals to your target demographic. You can also stir interest with music that’s unusual and intriguing or not heard often.

5. Audio Marketing May Impact Your Hiring Practices

Imagine on-site customers enjoying your music and making informed decisions based on your overhead messaging, but then, having a negative encounter with an unpleasant team member. That could quickly dampen your customers’ experiences and leave them with a bad impression.

When you invest time, money and effort to reinforce your brand personality with Audio Marketing, it can set the tone for your employees as well. Hire and train people so they align with the brand you’ve created. The positivity generated by your Audio Marketing should be matched by the people who are serving your customers.

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About the Writer

Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since late 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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