Audio Branding & Digital Signage in Healthcare

A positive visitor experience will delight your patients and keep them coming back to you. See how Digital Signage and Audio Branding can help.

Digital Signage in Healthcare Facilities

When your facility gets busy, patients and visitors might need to endure long wait times.

How do they spend their time in your waiting area? Do they scroll on their phones, stare aimlessly out the window or leaf through an old magazine?

Digital Signage Solutions can elevate that experience.

Branded video content in your waiting areas can help you connect with your audience and shorten their perceived wait time. You might even be able to reduce waiting room anxiety by sharing pertinent healthcare information and building patient confidence in your staff’s expertise. You can also educate patients about the lesser-known services or amenities you provide.

When you engage your audience with digital signage, you’ll enhance their experience, which brings you one step closer to earning their loyalty.

Audio Branding in Healthcare Facilities

When you walk through your location, what do you hear? Phones ringing? Employee conversations? Silence?

You can transform the mood in your hallways and common areas with Audio Branding.

Playing music and relevant messages throughout your facility can contribute to a more complete sensory experience for your audience.

You can use branded audio content to welcome visitors, make important announcements, share information about your facility, reinforce your brand, point out building features and help patients navigate your location.

And when you combine that content with a carefully selected music playlist, you’ll provide an elevated customer experience.

Are you ready to explore how Sensory Marketing can improve the perception of your healthcare facility? Reach out to us.

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Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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