Developing an Effective Audio Marketing Program

Audio Marketing influences customers’ decisions, sets the desired mood and elevates the overall visitor experience.

But how do you know what type of music to play? Which topics would be most effective for messaging? How often should you update that messaging?

Keep reading to learn how to create an effective Audio Marketing program.

The Details that Impact Your Audio Marketing Content and Music

Your Audience

What are visitors doing when they visit your business? Are they walking around? Shopping? Waiting in a lobby?

How long is the average amount of time a visitor stays at your location? One hour? Several hours?

What’s the purpose of their visit? Are they buying weekly necessities? Luxury items? Services? Or are they meeting with your team?

How often do visitors come by? Once a week? Once a month? Twice a year?

Assessing these details empowers you to create Audio Marketing content that meets your audience’s needs and suits the purpose of their visit.

For example, if customers visit once a week to shop for necessities, you may want to play monthly or seasonal audio messages with brief content that’s easy to remember.

Your Goals

How do you want visitors to feel? Energized? Relaxed?

What actions do you want them to take? Do you want them to linger as long as possible or seek out specific departments?

Do you have lesser-known or brand-new products or services that you’d like to sell more of? Or are certain products or services only available at select locations?

Defining these details ensures that your Audio Marketing content supports your business and marketing goals and that the appropriate content plays in the right locations.

Your Brand

Audio Marketing can create a specific attitude in your space that reflects your brand personality and sets the tone for your visitors.

On-brand audio content and music helps you provide a more enjoyable, memorable experience for customers.

Employee performance is also impacted by messaging and music. Audio Marketing can remind team members to embody your brand standards and influence how they interact with customers.

Curious to learn how Audio Marketing can elevate your customer experience? Reach out to Jon Marker, Director of SensoryMax.

About the Writer

Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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