How Video and Digital Signage Can Improve Your Clients’ State-of-Mind

Your new or prospective customers may not trust you right away, or they may stress while waiting for your services.

But there is a way to ease that stress and mistrust and help people feel more comfortable in your building. Here are a few scenarios.

Healthcare Facilities: Reduce Patient Anxiety

If you run a dental practice or a medical facility, you know that patients are often nervous or even worried about the procedures they come in for.

But by using audio and video strategically, you can help those patients relax and provide them with a better experience.

For instance, what if you placed a large video monitor and surround sound speakers in your lobby? Via that system, you could immerse your stressed, waiting patients in the sights and sounds of nature: lush, green forests; babbling brooks; graceful waterfalls; peaceful meadows, crickets, bird songs, rainfall.

Research shows that exposure to natural environments can reduce anxiety and stress levels, lower blood pressure and improve mood.

When you can use Video and Digital Signage to help your patients relax as soon as they walk into your offices, their entire appointment may go a little smoother – for them and for you. And happier patients are more likely to recommend your practice to others.

Legal Firms and Car Dealers: Build Client Confidence

Among the least trusted people in the United States are lawyers and car dealers. That’s according to several surveys, including those from Forbes and Gallup.

But whether you sell vehicles or provide legal advice, Video and Digital Signage can help you build trust with your clientele.

Use custom video to tell the story of your law firm, what you believe in, how your focus is important and why you accept the pro bono work you do. Share overviews of specific cases and how you’ve helped people or even changed your community for the better.

If you own or manage a car dealership, use your on-site video to deliver solid, customer-oriented information about your inventory. Educate potential buyers on how to keep their cars on the road longer, how to maximize their gas mileage or how to keep their vehicle’s trade-in value high. Give tips on safe driving, showcase little-known spots for weekend getaways or remind viewers of how buying American-made vehicles specifically impacts your area’s economy.

Whenever your content is authentic and audience-focused, and helps people make smart buying decisions, you’ll start to earn trust and confidence.

Senior Care: Alleviate New Resident Anxiety

Moving into a senior care facility can be a dramatic life change for people who’ve spent decades in their own home. So, during tours, it’s natural that potential residents may look at your operation with suspicion or even a sense of dread.

But how might their initial feelings change if the first thing people saw when walking into your lobby was a monitor showing beautiful, close-up video of your chef-prepared meals? What if they could quickly see your comfortable, home-like rooms, the on-site beauty shop, landscaped walking trails, fitness center and residents truly engaged with your environment?

That type of thoughtful presentation could change their perception of what life is like in your facility. It might help them relax and maybe even embrace this new opportunity and phase of life.

Hopefully, those scenarios have you thinking of how we can apply video, digital signage and audio to serve your customers and, ultimately, your brand and bottom line.

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About the Writer

Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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