Environmental Branding Agency

Extend Your Brand Within Your Environment

Maybe you’ve thought about updating your brand. But have you considered upgrading your brand environment?

Your company’s lobby, offices, retail spaces and other physical locations represent an opportunity to showcase your brand and company personality.

There are several environmental branding elements you can utilize, such as your corporate color palette, ceiling, flooring, furniture and light fixtures.

And there are various sensory marketing components that effectively introduce your brand within your space, including Audio Marketing, Video and Digital Signage, and Scent Marketing.

With a compelling brand environment, you’ll make consistent, memorable impressions on every visitor.

Tell Your Story

We believe that your brand environment is as important as your logo.

And we’re skilled at incorporating the visual and intangible elements of your brand into your public and private spaces to create a timeless design.

We’ll work with you to learn your company’s personality and values. Then we’ll evaluate all your touchpoints to ensure your brand will be effectively represented wherever possible.

Telling your story through environmental branding and effective sensory marketing elements ensures that spending time in your location strengthens the connection your visitors and staff have with your company.

“In 2015, we engaged SensoryMax to convert the physical look of all 30 of our stores. They developed a color scheme and changed the signage to make the Mountain View Tire logo dominant, while keeping the Goodyear name visible, too. The results were better than we expected. Despite the architectural differences in our stores, the consistent colors and signage helped all our locations look more alike. You knew you were looking at a Mountain View Tire store.

“SensoryMax did a wonderful job helping us improve our brand image. They were easy to work with, had all the resources they needed at their disposal and delivered stunning results.”

Chris Mitsos, Vice President Mountain View Tire

Our Involvement

Our Environmental Branding solutions can adapt to your expectations.

We’ll be thrilled to simply consult on the project or handle it all, from design to installation.

Let’s talk about extending your brand.