Digital Signage Agency

Engage Visitors with Captivating Video Content

When customers enter your business, what do they experience? How do they spend their time? Do they get angry or leave if they wait too long?

You can use video and digital signage to inform and entertain visitors, while reducing their perceived wait times.

Immediately engaging your on-site audience with powerful visuals lets you create positive impressions before you even say “hello.”

Cultivate Memorable Experiences

It’s your environment. Visitors should only see your brand.

BrandedTV is your company’s own internal television network that only shows content about your brand. We can create custom content for your audience and add your pre-produced videos to the mix.

When you utilize digital signage solutions, you’ll encourage deep, memorable connections with your audience.

We also offer LobbyVision, a hybrid program that includes several on-screen “zones” and many types of video, plus content widgets like time and temperature, news headlines, stock market tickers and RSS feeds.

“Because it’s all unique content, patients are more engaged. They recognize the doctors and staff and find value in the topics being addressed. [Toledo Clinic TV] decreases perceived wait times, eases appointment anxiety and shares important health-related information while the viewers are thinking about their health. It also helps create a connection with our staff, which, in turn, builds stronger, more trusting relationships.”

Kendra Doriot, Director of Marketing & Communications Toledo Clinic

Our Involvement

Our Digital Signage Solutions can accommodate your specific needs.

We’ll manage your program, from content creation to scheduling. Or if you prefer more control, we’ll be happy to train and support your team.

Every visitor interaction presents an opportunity to deepen your brand experience. Reach out to us to get started.