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Engage Visitors with Captivating Video Content

When customers enter your business, what do they experience? How do they spend their time? Do they get angry or leave if they wait too long? You can use video content and digital signage solutions to inform and entertain visitors while reducing their perceived wait times.

SensoryMax can provide Video and Digital Signage solutions to each of your locations across the nation.

We’ll help you immediately engage your on-site audience with powerful visuals, creating positive impressions before you even say “hello.”

How Video & Digital Signage Cultivates Memorable Experiences

When used strategically, Video and Digital Signage solutions can elevate your brand experience and strengthen relationships with customers.
Your video content can welcome visitors, increase sales and encourage other specific actions.

Validate Your Customers’ Decisions

Reinforce the choice your on-site audience already made by walking through the door. Promote content that earns their trust and creates the foundation for repeat business.

Entertain Visitors

When you share entertaining content, visitors will be more engaged while they wait.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Along with using Video and Digital Signage to remind guests about your popular items, consider promoting higher-margin products and services, plus those that complement or add value to frequently purchased items.

Every visitor interaction is an opportunity to elevate your brand experience. Contact us to get started.

Let’s Have A Conversation

SensoryMax’s Video & Digital Signage Solutions

Engage, entertain and educate while reducing perceived wait times.

BrandedTV - A Brand-Focused Television Network

It’s your environment, so visitors should only see your brand.

With BrandedTV, your company can have its own internal television programming, so your guests only see content about your brand. We can create custom content for your audience and add your pre-produced videos and graphics to the mix.

When you use branded Video and Digital Signage, you’ll encourage more memorable connections with your audience.

LobbyVision - Customized Content with Zones

Several on-screen “zones” are included in your LobbyVision program. Each features a different type of content, including video, banners and content widgets.

LobbyVision’s flexible format allows you to promote your products and services, as well as information like time and temperature, news headlines, stock market tickers and RSS feeds.

Designing Screens with a Strategy


Promote new products or highlight less popular items to drive sales.


Share industry news and best practices.


Strengthen your bond with visitors by explaining your mission and vision.


Feature company updates, new employees and reminders for visitors.


Highlight special offers and discount codes.

Success Stories

Share stories about your customers, employees and partners.

“Because it’s all unique content, patients are more engaged. They recognize the doctors and staff and find value in the topics being addressed. Toledo Clinic TV decreases perceived wait times, eases appointment anxiety and shares important health-related information while the viewers are thinking about their health. It also helps create a connection with our staff, which, in turn, builds stronger, more trusting relationships.”

Kendra Doriot, Director of Marketing & Communications Toledo Clinic

Why Choose SensoryMax as Your Digital Signage Agency

Others view a television screen as just a tool for distraction. To us, it’s more than that. Your TV screens present an opportunity to enhance your brand experience.

When you use Video and Digital Signage content to engage, entertain and educate your visitors, they’ll feel a deeper connection to your brand and keep coming back for more.

At SensoryMax, we have access to the entire MadAveGroup team, including video producers, designers, writers and strategic thinkers.

Plus, our Video and Digital Signage solutions can accommodate your specific needs. We’ll manage your program, from content creation to scheduling. Or if you prefer more control, we’ll be happy to train and support your team.

White Glove Service

A digital signage agency that handles all aspects of your program so you don’t have to.

Content & Strategy Development

Content Delivery

Installation & Service

Equipment Coverage

Continued Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customize my video content per location?

A: Yes. Just keep in mind that while the content may need to vary between locations, we recommend using a consistent design across all screens.

Q: How long will it take to implement my Video and Digital Signage program?

A: Following the discovery process, we can typically have your new program running in 30 to 45 days.

Q: Do I need my own television monitors?

A: We can provide all the equipment you’ll need for your Video and Digital Signage program.

Q: How often will you update my video content?

A: We’ll recommend an update schedule based on how frequently customers visit your location and the goals of your program.

Q: I have a lot of projects on my plate. How involved do I need to be in the creative process?

A: You can be as involved as you’d like in your Video and Digital Signage program. We have writers, designers, videographers and photographers in-house who can create and schedule all your content. Or if you prefer more control, we’ll be happy to train and support your team.

Ready to Make Memorable Brand Experiences?