Why Audio Marketing Is an Important Element of Your Brand Experience

Audio Marketing makes your location more inviting, while contributing to a consistent brand experience and making your company more memorable.

What is Audio Marketing?

Audio Marketing is the strategic use of audio – both voice and music – at a point of purchase. It can be applied to inform, entertain and create an inviting environment that reflects your brand. Music and messaging can also encourage specific behaviors, from staying longer at a restaurant to visiting certain departments of a store to buying promoted products.

How is Sound a Brand Component?

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity for a brand experience.

Audio Marketing adds an audible layer to your brand.

Many elements come together to create an effective Audio Marketing program:

  • Music Genre: If you could select one genre to represent your brand, what would it be? Jazz? Classic rock? Classical? Bluegrass? Country? The type of music you play sets the mood and the energy in your location.
  • Voiceover Style: If your brand had a voice, what would it sound like? An excited young man? A sophisticated woman? A middle-aged southern farmer? The voice of your audio messages can convey a distinct tone to customers.
  • Content Focus: What’s the main goal of your Audio Marketing program? Would you like to create a certain type of environment? Increase sales? Generate awareness of certain products and services? And then how do you want customers to feel? What actions do you want them to take? Your answers to those questions will help you focus your content.

Audio Marketing Examples

Example 1: A Sales Opportunity

A grocery store chain uses SensoryMax Audio Marketing to announce specials, promote lesser-known products and services, share important news and store updates, and drive customers to certain departments.

Example 2: Creating Ambiance for the Busy Professional

For a renowned business club in northwest Ohio, Audio Marketing has a different purpose: contributing to a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere.

The message content ranges from news of upcoming events to reminders about club amenities and recreational opportunities.

Example 3: Driving Customer Engagement

A Texas-based convenience store uses their Audio Marketing content to increase awareness with customers.

Common topics include seasonal promotions, specials, their app and rewards system, and restaurant menu items. They also incorporate customer reviews to increase community engagement and encourage more positive reviews.

Discover Your Brand's Sound with Audio Marketing

At SensoryMax, our in-house team is experienced with crafting memorable content and creating thoughtful music playlists that appeal to your visitors and represent your brand.

When you’re ready to learn more, reach out to us.

About the Writer

Much to her chagrin, Cassandra Evans is often asked to apply her audio brand (AKA her voice) when our recording engineers need to recreate the sound of a young girl, even though she feels like a distinguished 45-year-old stuck in the body of a woman in her late twenties.

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