Creating an Effective Branded Environment

As a child, you might have visited Santa Claus during the holiday season. The mall or store might have been decorated like Santa’s North Pole workshop: whimsical décor, cheerful elves, giant candy canes and jolly old St. Nick on his throne. And you may have cherished that memory for years.

But imagine if the experience wasn’t all that magical. What if the mall was dirty, there were no decorations and the elves were grouchy? That would’ve quickly changed how you felt about the experience and maybe even altered your long-term perception of Christmas.

Now consider what customers encounter at your location. Does it represent your brand well? Or does your environment negatively impact customers’ perception of your company?

One way to optimize the customer experience is to provide a thoughtfully designed environment that’s a physical manifestation of your brand. That’s a practice called Environmental Branding.

Factors that Influence Environmental Branding

  1. Identify the purpose of the space you’re designing.

Is it a place where customers eat, sleep or relax?

Will people walk through your location to explore or shop?

Is there a designated area where visitors wait for service?

  1. Determine the goals of your environment.

How do you want visitors to feel while they’re in your location? Calm or excited, relaxed or energized?

And what specific actions would you like them to take?

  1. Consider physical location.

If you have several locations, think about the size and layout of each and how that may impact the designs.

Should the downtown building have a different aesthetic than the location in the mountains? Do you want separate designs that reflect local flavor at each location?

  1. Consider your company’s value to the community.

Does your business have a rich, local history that visitors would appreciate or identify with?

How might that story impact the design of your space?

  1. Think about your brand personality.

Would you describe your company’s personality as fun and laid back? Sophisticated and professional? Are you passionate about a particular cause in the community?

You can create a physical representation of that personality with Environmental Branding.

Partner with a Nationwide Environmental Branding Agency

At SensoryMax, we’re passionate about implementing Sensory Marketing programs to create experiences that enhance relationships with your company. And when you combine Environmental Branding with Scent Marketing, Audio Marketing and Video and Digital Signage, you’ll provide an immersive brand experience that engages your audience and makes a lasting impression.

Ready to learn more? Email SensoryMax Director Jon Marker or complete this form.

About the Writer

As a Senior Creative Consultant at MadAveGroup, Cassandra Evans works constantly to hone her craft and create content that draws the audience in and leaves them hungry for more. With a passion for her family and art, her own branded environment (AKA her cubicle) is full of family photos, crafts from her daughter and art inspired by one of her favorite artists, Vincent van Gogh.

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