The Importance of Regular Sensory Marketing Updates

It can be easy to think of Sensory Marketing as something you “do once, then never again.”

But it’s important to update your Sensory Marketing content regularly to create the best possible experience for every customer.

Consider these tips for your Audio Marketing, Video and Digital Signage and Scent Marketing.

Audio Marketing

Melting Into the Background

Audio Marketing has two components: music and messaging.

Used strategically, Audio Marketing can create a memorable, on-brand experience. It can introduce customers to new inventory, encourage them to stay longer, even help them navigate your location.

But if your music and audio messages never change, they can quickly become predictable white noise, causing your frequent visitors to ignore the content.

It’s important to evaluate and update both your music playlist and audio messages regularly so you can elevate the customer experience and engage your visitors.

Enhancing Effectiveness

Regular updates. They’re necessary to keep your Audio Marketing content from melting into the background.

  • Copy: Do your audio messages capture attention quickly? Is the writing clever and concise? Will your customers care about the content?
  • Voiceover: Is the voice distinctive? Does it attract attention? Do you use the same voiceover talent for every message? Alternating between different voices can surprise customers and keep them engaged.
  • Sound effects: They can draw attention, create interest and add fun to your messaging.
  • Frequency: How often do your audio messages play? Would a longer or shorter frequency make sense based on your customers’ average length of visit?

Video and Digital Signage

A Missed Opportunity

Watching your favorite movie over and over will eventually become boring and frustrating.

The same is true for your Video and Digital Signage. Even the best videos will lose their appeal the more your visitors see them. That means they’ll stop watching them.

By regularly evaluating and updating your video content, you’ll have a better chance of keeping customers engaged. You’ll also shorten their perceived wait times in your lobby, while you educate people about your company, products, services and special offers.

Improving Engagement

High-quality content is just as important as regular updates.

Here are a few tips for keeping customers engaged.

  • Videos: Present professionally shot videos full of meaningful content. If your environment makes it difficult to play videos with audio, use subtitles or videos that include words in the images.
  • Banner ads: Display banner ads with current specials or info on new products and services.
  • Text items: Use a scrolling bar of text at the bottom of the screen to advertise products and services, notify customers of stock market updates or display local weather and news.
  • Live television: In some environments, it may make sense to intersperse live television with pieces of branded content to keep customers entertained during their wait.
  • Games: There are many games that can keep your audience engaged, like word scrambles, trivia, pictures with hidden objects and crossword puzzles. Incentivize participation with prizes.

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is the strategic use of scent to create positive, memorable experiences for customers and entice them to return.

For banks, car dealerships and other B-to-C companies, a branded scent is effective for connecting with customers and reminding them of their visit.

But some businesses, such as retail stores, may benefit from using scents that reflect the season or popular holidays. Think pumpkin scents in the fall and floral aromas in the spring. Use apple cinnamon during the Christmas season and rose and jasmine for Valentine’s Day.

Grocery stores might diffuse scents strategically throughout the building to entice customers to visit different departments, like the smell of freshly baked cookies in the freezer section or the scent of coffee in the cereal aisle.

If rotating aromas makes sense for your customers and your brand, strategize about changing those aromas to create an effective, more memorable customer experience.

How to Determine Update Frequency

Your Sensory Marketing update schedule depends on several factors:

  • How often your customers return. Is it weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?
  • The seasons or major holidays
  • Your company’s goals (whether that’s to provide a more brand-rich experience, increase return visits, etc.)

At a minimum, it’s best to update your Sensory Marketing once a quarter.

How SensoryMax Can Help

At SensoryMax, we’ll take the time to get to know your company and its unique needs to ensure you’ll get the most out of your Video, Audio and Scent Marketing programs. And we provide proactive updates, so you never have to worry about outdated content.

Ready to learn more? Complete this form or give us a call at 419.725.9100.

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