AuraPura: A Vehicle for Scent Marketing

Do you work for an auto shop, a car detailer or a dealership? If so, you’ll like AuraPura. It’s a form of Scent Marketing that serves as another revenue stream and encourages repeat visits.

Scent Marketing is the practice of delivering a unique aroma throughout your company’s locations to provide an elevated customer experience.

AuraPura is a scent delivery system that attaches to a vehicle’s in-cabin air filter. The aroma is activated when the cabin fan is on.

Traditional car air fresheners might start out too strong. The scent often fades quickly. And if they dangle from the rearview mirror, they can distract drivers. But AuraPura is installed out of sight and delivers a consistent, subtle aroma throughout the vehicle for up to 90 days.

“We initially developed AuraPura for Lincoln Motor Company,” said MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown. “They wanted to place their signature scent in the vehicles they sell and service. But they needed a product that was better than off-the-shelf air fresheners. So, we designed AuraPura.”

Director of SensoryMax Jon Marker said, “To offer AuraPura to other companies in the automotive space, we expanded the product line to include two new aromas: Pure Sunshine and Aqua Blue. We can also create signature scents for any company that wants their own branded aroma.”

The Benefits of AuraPura

  1. Increase sales. Your service team probably already inspects in-cabin air filters during maintenance checks. With AuraPura, you can capitalize on that routine and earn more revenue.
  2. Create memorable encounters. The part of the brain that processes smell adjoins the area that works with memories and emotion. That means that when customers smell your AuraPura scent in their vehicles, they’ll associate the aroma with how they felt the last time they visited your business. And that can deepen their ties to your brand.
  3. Encourage frequent visits. The AuraPura scent lasts up to 90 days. That encourages customers to pull into your location regularly for replacements. And those visits can lead to additional sales.
  4. Inspire customer loyalty. There’s no shortage of vehicle repair facilities. AuraPura can further differentiate yours. (Ask us about market exclusivity.)

Ready to learn how you can use AuraPura to enhance your customer relationships and increase sales? Reach out to Jon Marker or call us at 419.725.9100.

About the Writer

Cassandra Evans is a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup. She’s passionate about creating content that inspires readers to take actions that benefit both them and their customers.

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