Digital Signage in Banks: Benefits & Content Ideas

Research shows that three in five people who visit a bank branch do so because they need to, not because they want to. The majority of people prefer to bank online or via their mobile devices.

So, yes, most customers actively try to avoid walking into your bank branch. If they do walk in, they’re likely not enjoying the experience. But there is a tool you can use to make your branch more inviting. It’s called digital signage.

4 Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Bank

No one wants to wait for service, whether that means standing in line near the tellers or sitting in the lobby before an appointment. But while your customers are waiting, you can strengthen your relationship with them before you even say “hello.”

Digital signage can engage your onsite audience, improve their state of mind and, when combined with other elements, contribute to an elevated experience that encourages repeat visits.

A few specific benefits of Digital Signage Solutions.

1. Faster Branch Messaging Updates

When there’s an unexpected change at your branch, like a new service or policy, your printed materials become instantly outdated.

With digital signage, you can make messaging changes quickly to keep your customers informed.

2. Improved Customer Loyalty

Every on-site interaction with a customer represents a chance to strengthen relationships with your brand. Use digital signage to reinforce your brand values and promises, along with the conveniences and unique value you provide.

3. Location-Specific Digital Experiences

The flexibility of digital signage allows you to customize content at each of your branches. Here are a few suggestions.

Highlight Your Team Members’ Expertise

Promote your staff members’ specialized skills, their decades of experience, industry awards and any other benefits of working with them. That can deepen your customers’ trust in your bank.

Promote Your Community Involvement

Does your branch sponsor community events or support local organizations? Are you hosting an upcoming event? Can you welcome new neighborhood businesses and thank area partners? Those are all simple ways to show your community support. That’s especially important if your corporate headquarters is located in another city.

Reaching Location-Specific Goals

Does one of your branches need to increase mortgage lending or open more checking accounts? Use your digital signage to boost your on-site customers’ top-of-mind awareness of specific financial products and services.

4. Shorten Perceived Wait Times

Waiting even a short time can frustrate your customers. But studies show that digital signage in banks reduces perceived wait times by 35%. Keep your visitors focused on interesting content and you can improve their perception of your bank.

Content Ideas for Your Bank's Digital Signage

When developing the content to play in your lobby, it’s natural to begin with the question, “What do we want people to see?”

But instead, ask yourself, “What do our customers want to see?”

Understanding the answers to that question will help you share content that captures your audience’s attention, inspires their trust and encourages them to ask questions.

Here are a few content ideas.

Financial Products and Services

Use your digital signage to cross-sell and up-sell. For example, if a high percentage of your customers have their mortgage with your bank, cross-sell home improvement loans to your on-site customers. Or up-sell by highlighting higher-margin financial products.

Promotions and Special Offers

While radio, TV and direct mail can be effective channels for creating awareness, on-site marketing – like digital signage – reminds your customers to act on their initial interest in your services.

Customer Reviews

One way to earn customer trust is to share positive feedback from other customers. People are more likely to trust the recommendations of other customers over your words. So, use written and video testimonials to let others speak for you as often as possible.


Share tips and best practices on investments, saving, borrowing, funding retirement and other banking-related topics. Remind your customers that you’re there to help them succeed financially.

Helpful Resources

Are there new online resources your clients may not know about? Do you have an app? Is your YouTube page or website full of insightful videos? Do you offer classes or webinars? What about your email newsletter? Your customers might appreciate a reminder about the many ways you can help them.

How SensoryMax Can Elevate your On-Site Branch Experience with Digital Signage

Digital signage delivers more than regular television programming can. It’s a tool for sharing thoughtfully designed content that helps you build appreciation for your brand.

At SensoryMax, we have access to the entire MadAveGroup team. That means our strategists, writers, designers and videographers will be creating your content for you.

When you’re ready to learn more, email Jon Marker, Director of SensoryMax, or call him directly at 419-724-7353.

About the Writer

Cassandra Evans has been a Creative Consultant with MadAveGroup since 2019. She has a passion for creating “positive, lasting impressions” on every audience.

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