The Importance of Sensory Marketing in Senior Living Communities

Sensory Marketing is the practice of creating a desirable visitor experience that looks, sounds, smells and feels like your brand.

And when you provide an immersive brand experience, your visitors and residents are more likely to have positive, memorable encounters with your community.

Types of Sensory Marketing for Senior Living Facilities

Here are a few key elements of Sensory Marketing you can apply to enhance your community:

  • Scent Marketing: Developing or identifying an aroma that’s unique to your brand and then distributing that scent throughout your facility.
  • Video and Digital Signage: Using televisions to share branded video, images, slides and written content with visitors in your public areas.
  • Audio Marketing: Playing on-brand music and professionally produced audio messages to set the tone in your environment and inspire desired actions and emotions.

Scent Marketing in Senior Living: Elevate the Mood

When you first enter your community, close your eyes and breathe in. What do you smell? Cleaning products? Medicine? Musty furniture?

Aroma can leave a lasting impression on how residents and visiting families feel about your facility.

Unpleasant smells can trigger anxiety, create stress and discomfort, increase people’s perception of pain and even alter memory recall.

But certain pleasant scents cause the brain to release serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and other neurotransmitters, helping people to feel happy and relaxed.

Learn more about Scent Marketing’s impact on emotions.

Engage, Entertain and Educate with Video and Digital Signage

When visitors are in your lobby waiting to tour your facility, how do they spend their time?

A long wait time mixed with nothing to do can create a frustrating experience and it just might cause people to consider other senior living facilities.

You can entertain visitors, shorten their perceived wait times and educate them about your facility with Video and Digital Signage.

Ideas for Video in Senior Living

Your video content could highlight:

  • Services and amenities
  • Resident stories and testimonials
  • Staff introductions
  • A typical day in the life of your community
  • Rooms and common areas
  • The landscaped grounds
  • Upcoming events and activities
  • Community news or updates

Here’s more insight on how Video and Digital Signage can enhance people’s experience in your community.

Using Audio Marketing to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Senior Living

There are two core elements of Audio Marketing: music and audio messages.

Music sets the tone in your environment and can create positive experiences for your visitors, residents and staff.

And you can use audio messages to welcome visitors, make important announcements and help people navigate your location.

Read more about the importance of Audio Marketing.

Benefits of Music for Visitors and Staff

Music can inspire positive moods and alleviate stress and anxiety. It can keep your team happier and contributes to a more pleasant, memorable visitor experience.

When creating your custom playlist, consider 1) your brand and 2) your visitors’ state of mind. What would your brand sound like? Sophisticated? Serene? Playful? How do you want people to feel? Calm? Energetic? Happy? Answering those questions will help you create the right playlist for the common areas in your building.

Additional Benefits for Residents

Music makes your residents feel happier and less stressed, improves their sleep, reduces depression and pain, and enhances their memory. That’s because music evokes strong emotions, which help us create and retrieve memories.

Consider incorporating your residents’ favorite tunes or popular songs from their youth into your playlist.

Use Sensory Marketing to Transform Your Visitor Experience with SensoryMax

At SensoryMax, we provide several services to help you create a memorable and elevated visitor experience, including Scent Marketing, Video and Digital Signage, Audio Marketing and Environmental Branding.

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